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Have you ever wondered whether there was more to life than what you are currently doing?


Have you ever questioned the lessons you were taught growing up – from schools, parents, governments?


Have you ever wanted to be and do more, and actually be part of something bigger than yourself?

I was always answering ‘yes’ to all 3 of those questions, so this is why, along with two beautiful and heart-centred leaders, I have co-created…

The Free Effect.


We are a movement of strong individuals who decided to push back against the status quo and explore what our lives really had to offer and what we were meant for. Now, we are helping others do the same.


TFE is for people who either want to know how they can work online, just starting out in their entrepreneurial journey or for those that have been in the game a while and are looking for another revenue stream! 


We provide you with the tools and assistance to create your epic vision and success because we believe everyone has the right to live their life with more freedom and choices, and to develop soulful relationships with other individuals that share your vision! 


Nothing makes us feel more empowered than helping others to live in alignment with the abundance they are truly worthy of and to make real life-changing impact.


We will help you find ways to help you find an authentic and aligned business that helps you create impact and extra income, create more abudance and prosperity, change your lifestyle for the better, ⁣elevate your mindset, leverage social media effectively and so much more.

We believe, that all of the above are important for us, in balance, to create success and we want to be part of your journey and help you create that success. ⁣


Join an epic group of people, who will assist you in uplevelling in ways you could never have imagined possible. This group and the leaders have completely changed my life in a monumental way!

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The Free Effect

To connect, to wander, to grow, to learn… to be free!