Money is energy!

What are your limiting beliefs and fears around money?
Money is energy. If you do not have or aren’t earning the money you want right now, then that is a clear sign you are not in alignment with positive money beliefs!

Have you thought about something you want to do or buy but tell yourself you can’t afford it? 

Have you thought that people are doing better then you and you’ll never have as much money as them? 

Do you tell yourself you suck at managing money?

Or did you look at your bank accounts and get a feeling of panic because they are low and you still have some bills to pay?

How do you feel when you have those thoughts? Not great I bet!

These feelings and thoughts are ‘fearful’, negative based and stress inducing. The more you are in this type of energy, the more you bring forward those types of situations into your life! 

Let’s have a look where those thoughts, habits, behaviours and feelings tend to originate from!

By the time you’re about 6 years old, your subconscious mind will have already been imprinted with your beliefs about who you are, what you’re worth and what you’re capable of.

Amazing right?!

This is due to the fact that before the age of 6, our growing brains are absorbing all of the messages that we observe – positive or negative – from our parents, teachers and caregivers.

These messages get stored in our subconscious minds as beliefs on how the world works and our place in it. Our brains then start filtering the information we receive to only take in “what makes sense” for us, based on these beliefs. We continue to do this throughout our adult lives…

And still, deep in our subconscious minds lie all of those beliefs we absorbed as a young child. If these beliefs are negative ones, they can block us from reaching our financial, relationship, personal, mental and fitness goals as adults, despite our best efforts to achieve them.

The negative beliefs are types of beliefs known as our ‘Limiting Beliefs’, and one of the most common limiting beliefs is centred around MONEY.

I challenge you to dive deep and write down all of your self-limiting beliefs around money. It will take 10 minutes to give it a real good crack. Get the journal out and write out whatever comes to mind, and you will be amazed at what will come up. You may even discover memories from your childhood you had forgotten about, memories from your ancestors, from past or current relationships etc

Here is a great example:
Let’s say your parents regularly fought about money in front of you when you were little, you may be carrying a subconscious self-limiting belief that, “money causes pain and suffering like arguments”.

Today, this belief may cause you to repel money on a subconscious level in ways that you may not even realise and if you’d like to make more money and actually become more successful, we must clear this belief.

Ok, so if we can put that much energy into the “bad”, then of course you can do it with GOOD and the POSITIVE! 

If you are currently feeling down because of your bank statements or simply frustrated or stuck on how things are at the moment then it’s time to shift that energy and some pick-me-up time.

It starts with a shift in thought process and your actions. 
✨START AND IMPLEMENT A BUDGET! This will always be number one!
✨Work with a coach if you feel out of your depths doing it yourself!
✨Start changing your language with money!
✨Remove your guilt when you need to say no if it means sticking to your budget and achieving your goals. 
✨Start telling yourself you are a whiz with money and you are abundant! 

It is all in the energy you allow yourself to sit in, and the positives changes you decide to make.

Reach out to me and share what limiting beliefs around money you are holding. You will be amazed how many others with resonate with the same beliefs!

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