After seeing my parents battle through a very bitter divorce for many years and watching them go through their own battles individually, I had to grow up quickly and be moved through strong and challenging ‘life’ lessons from a young age.

I had to care for myself – in a lot of ways, including financially, which meant I was trapped in the 9-5 scam very early in life. I had to do it at the time, but I always knew on a deep level that there was more to life than what most of us allow ourselves to perceive.

I also always struggled to “fit in” for most of my life, I never truly felt as if I belonged anywhere; even with my own family. Battling with severe anxiety, and constantly battling between my heart and my mind through most of my teens and young adult life, it wasn’t until I was about 25 when I welcomed my awakening and realized I was not meant to “fit in” and instead, born to be different, to heal and serve others and be part of a new paradigm that humanity was begging for.

I am grateful my journey has ultimately lead me to create my movement

The Free Effect,

but most importantly,

I am grateful I now have the opportunity to hold your hand along your journey to also being free, financially and soulfully


Love & light,

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